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Upcoming events

    • 25 Apr 2014
    • 28 Apr 2014
    • Creative Collectives HQ property in Lara (see website)

    Communal Camp-out, Learn new skills and get amongst nature for the weekend.


    This is a unique program that allows participants to learn 8 new skills over one weekend from a variety of self-sufficiency categories whilst camping out and experiencing community living at one of our farm or outback locations. We invite eight great teachers to come along and pass on their specialty skills and/or knowledge in a two hour session each. Some classes will be very high energy, hands-on and practical and others will be at a slow pace, relaxed and engaging, and there will also be plenty of time for socialise and have a great time with the other participants. It’s like a mixture of TED talks, ConFest skill-shares, Crafternoons and all round communal good times.

    This month were celebrating the art of having fun and taking hobby’s to the next level. An important part of Self-Sufficiency is CRAFT; making the things you want or need on your own, for home use, to sell at markets for extra money or to barter for other goods.


    Date: 25th – 28th April (All workshops held on Sat-Sun, Friday and Monday are optional for people who want to come and relax on the property, set-up camp early etc.)

    Facilitator: Kate Marsh, founder of Creative Collectives

    Workshops: This month is going to be super, awesome, mega, fun…….We’ll be Tie Dying, Learning amazing Raw Chocolate Recipes, Making Terrariums, Finding out all about Sacred Space Design and Community Living, Practicing Tea Ceremonies, Connecting though Music and enjoying morning Yoga.

    Cost: $150 including 3 nights camping onsite and attendance to all 8 workshops.

    Where: Creative Collectives HQ, Lara, Victoria

    • 27 Apr 2014
    • 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Meet Waterfront at Yarra St, later at Eastern Park
    A public, not for profit, community and family-oriented event held in Eastern Park, Geelong, on Sunday 27 April 2014.

    Starting at 10am at Yarra St Waterfront with a Walk the Talk, a CO2 Cycle Parade and a EV Grin Drive, which will all lead to the picnic location in Eastern Park.

    Activities from 11am to 1pm in Eastern Park:
    • Kite flying (if wind allows)
    • Musicians performing unplugged
    • Speeches
    • Meet ‘The Sea Dragon’ - fundraiser launch
    • Ideas brainstorm meeting
    • Signing of ‘Renewables Declaration’
    • Exhibition and stalls for renewables projects
    • Launch of the booklet ‘The Solution – a vision for our city’
    • ‘The Copenhagen Wheel’ - selling the new zero-carbon engine in Geelong
    • Launching of a Geelong Sustainability Group portfolio of renewables options for the consumer who wants to invest: “What are my options?”

    The event is held off the grid.

    For details see http://thesolution.org.au/picnic/
    • 02 May 2014
    • 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM
    • Surfworld Museum, Beach Rd Torquay
    Surf Coast Energy Group invites you to “Connected, a Film For Change”, the first film in SCEG’s 2014 Environmental Film Season. To be followed by “Project Wild Thing” (Friday June 13th) & “Bringing it Home” (Friday July 11th)

    This year’s films will empower you, show you solutions and inspire you.

    Make connections and share ideas over fabulous sustainable suppers.


    Five years in the making, Connected has been created by a UK based family who wanted to ask questions about what kind of future we all want to see.

    Worried about the seemingly insurmountable problems in the world and feeling as though they were powerless to do anything, Paul and Kate Maple ditched their busy lives, moved into a caravan and travelled across Europe to connect with people and discuss key issues that affect us all on a global scale.

    Their journey brought them into contact with many people who were actively working towards solutions for their own communities and beyond.
    By focusing on solutions rather than problems the film aims to contribute towards making action possible and asks those already working towards change how we can achieve it.

    Director: Paul Maple
    Producer: Pauline Macintosh
    Running Time: 42 min
    Country: UK
    Year: 2013
    Classification: Unclassified
    • 07 May 2014
    • 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
    • Beav’s Bar (Front Room) 77-79 Little Malop Street, Geelong VIC 3220
    Geelong Sustainability Group in partnership with Friends of the Earth are seeking to put renewable energy and the need for action on climate on the 2014 state election agenda.

    That’s why we've launched the Eight Months to Make a Difference state election campaign. Visit the campaign webpage for more information

    Step 3 in our campaign is writing letters to the local MPs. Leigh Ewbank from Yes 2 Renewables will provide tips so we can all pen powerful and persuasive letters to our local member, Andrew Katos (or Lisa Neville if you're in Bellarine).

    We've already grown from two to twenty in just one month. Let’s see if we can hit forty by our next meeting. Please bring a friend or family member along to join our exciting campaign.

    Where: Beav’s Bar (Front Room) 77-79 Little Malop Street, Geelong VIC 3220

    When: Wednesday 7th May 6.30 to 7.30pm

    For more details please contact electorate coordinator Dan Cowdell daniel@cowdell.id.au or Yes 2 Renewables coordinator leigh.ewbank@foe.org.au

Past events

23 Apr 2014 April Geelong Sustainability Drinks
09 Apr 2014 Eight Months to Make a Difference – Information Session
28 Mar 2014 Creative Collectives - March Workshop Weekend
26 Mar 2014 March Geelong Sustainability Drinks
26 Mar 2014 Free Seminar - Unconventional Gas and its impact on rural communities
18 Mar 2014 Film Evening : Gasland Part 2
15 Mar 2014 Geelong North Better Block
15 Mar 2014 Proposed Community Orchard in Grovedale - meeting
11 Mar 2014 Whole Earth Summit (online)
06 Mar 2014 Utopia Screening - Geelong One Fire Reconciliation Group
04 Mar 2014 SCEG renewables evening
02 Mar 2014 Cleanup Australia Day - Geelong events
28 Feb 2014 Creative Collectives - Workshop weekend
23 Feb 2014 Manus Island Vigil - tonight
20 Feb 2014 SLF Geelong - Home Energy Kits Workshop
19 Feb 2014 SLF - Geelong Sustainability Drinks for Feb
18 Feb 2014 SLF Geelong - Retro Recycle Ride
16 Feb 2014 SLF Geelong - Excursion to Festival Big Green Market
15 Feb 2014 SLF Geelong - Cycling for the Terrifed
14 Feb 2014 SLF Geelong - Drysdale Discovery Walk
11 Feb 2014 SLF Geelong - Enviro Film Night
09 Feb 2014 SLF Geelong - Get Growing, Edible Garden Tour
08 Feb 2014 SLF Geelong - Sustainability Expo
08 Feb 2014 SLF Geelong - Drysdale Harvest Basket Food Swap and Workshops
29 Jan 2014 Geelong Sustainability Drinks: Wed 29-Jan-14
22 Jan 2014 COGG Environment Management Strategy - GSG Subcommittee meet
08 Jan 2014 SLF Geelong (draft) - Lara Community Garden and Art Precinct - Open Garden and Wicking Workshops
15 Dec 2013 Organic farms open day - Timboon
12 Dec 2013 Frack Free Geeong - Public meeting
30 Nov 2013 Let's Connect Workshop
27 Nov 2013 Geelong Sustainability Drinks - Last for 2013
23 Nov 2013 Biochar Workshop
21 Nov 2013 Green Roofs Geelong Seminar
17 Nov 2013 National Climate Day of Action
16 Nov 2013 Barwon Heads Community Arts Garden Open Day
12 Nov 2013 Geelong Sustainability Group AGM / 2014 Brainstorm
31 Oct 2013 Barry Jones: "Redefining Politics: the conflict between evidence & opinion and the search for values".
28 Oct 2013 Garage Sale Trail
23 Oct 2013 Geelong Sustainability Drinks in October
19 Oct 2013 Introduction to Permaculture - Barwon Heads Community Arts Garden
19 Oct 2013 Geelong Refugee Rally - anniversary of SIEVX
14 Oct 2013 Public Transport Community Outreach - Ombudsman
13 Oct 2013 Brisbane Ranges Bienneal Wildflower Show
04 Oct 2013 SCEG Film Night : Do the Math
01 Oct 2013 Information Night - Gas mining threatens the Surf Coast
28 Sep 2013 Book Launch : Changing Gears: A Pedal-Powered Detour from the Rat Race
26 Sep 2013 Book Launch : Changing Gears: A Pedal-Powered Detour from the Rat Race
25 Sep 2013 Geelong Sustainability Drinks in September
24 Sep 2013 Book Launch : Changing Gears : A Pedal-Powered Detour from the Rat Race
24 Sep 2013 No Fracking in Geelong - Organising Meeting
10 Sep 2013 Green Film Evening - "Fracking" fossil fuels
08 Sep 2013 Sustainable House Day Geelong 2013
07 Sep 2013 Smarter Homes MeetUp & Seminars
28 Aug 2013 Geelong Sustainability Drinks in August
26 Aug 2013 Social Enterprises in Waste and Recycling – Turn your ideas into a reality
22 Aug 2013 Fair Food Forum
20 Aug 2013 Fair Food Movie Night
18 Aug 2013 Farmers against fracking - The campaign comes to Melbourne!
17 Aug 2013 Olivemania / Fruit tree pruning workshop
16 Aug 2013 "Thin Ice" film / Transition South Barwon AGM
15 Aug 2013 Introduction to Bite-Size Volunteering - developing short term projects for skilled volunteers.
13 Aug 2013 Corangamite Candidates Forum
10 Aug 2013 Fruit Tree Pruning Workshop / Olivemania
07 Aug 2013 Geelong Kitchen Cabinet with Stephanie Alexander & Foundation team
03 Aug 2013 Rally for Refugees (in Geelong)
02 Aug 2013 SCEG 2013 Film Season : "Waste Not"
26 Jul 2013 Red Cinema Presents ... Mary Meets Mohammad
24 Jul 2013 Geelong Sustainability Drinks in July
22 Jul 2013 SCEG AGM this Monday 22nd July
21 Jul 2013 Public Meeting : Clean air for our coast
21 Jul 2013 Joy & Rosemary's Garden Delights Trail Ride
14 Jul 2013 Green Your Home community course - Geelong West
13 Jul 2013 Powershift 2013 - Melbourne
05 Jul 2013 SCEG Film "Genetic Roulette"
26 Jun 2013 Geelong Sustainability Drinks in June
21 Jun 2013 Red Cinema presents "Home"
15 Jun 2013 Geelong Better Block
07 Jun 2013 SCEG Film screening - Anima Mundi
03 Jun 2013 Geelong Community Cabinet / Community meeting
03 Jun 2013 Living Greener community course
28 May 2013 G21 Public Transport Strategy - Regional Summit
26 May 2013 Environmental Petition signing Queenscliffe Market
25 May 2013 March against Monsanto
25 May 2013 Cloverdale Autumn Festival - Celebrating art, culture and community
23 May 2013 EPA Community Meeting
22 May 2013 Geelong Sustainability Drinks
17 May 2013 Permaculture talk with Rick Coleman
17 May 2013 Regional Public Transport Forum
04 May 2013 Green Your Home community course - Grovedale
27 Apr 2013 Environmental Petition at Newtown Farmers Market

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