Community energy possibilities with Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-operative


CORE Geelong has been discussing the potential for Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-operative to become a host site for the first community owned renewable energy location in Geelong. This is potentially a strong community partnership.

The following piece was included in the widely distributed Co-op newsletter:

Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-operative - Newsletter Aug & Sept 2016

Last year Uncle David spoke with Geelong Sustainability group members about Wathaurong Country and the connection between caring for environment and caring for Country. Geelong One Fire members contributed and linked the discussions to reconciliation activities in the region.

Since then Geelong Sustainability has set up a 'community owned renewable energy' (CORE) project. The CORE Geelong Task Group have been talking with the Co-op recently about ways to use funds raised from within the local community to install a community owned Solar PV system for renewable energy at the main building and Heath Centre in Morgan Street. The project idea could reduce energy costs for the Co-op, and benefit the environment with clean energy production.

Look out for updates on this exciting project idea!