A CORE First for Geelong

In 2014 Geelong Sustainability conducted a community survey to find out what our 1,400 members and supporters wanted us to focus our efforts on.

Overwhelmingly the message received was that Geelong Sustainability should work towards a Community Owned Renewable Energy (CORE) project for Geelong. A big ask and a first for Geelong - so we took it in stages.

First of all we formed a CORE Geelong Task Group to work out what might be possible and how we might do it.  In 2015 the Task Group found some partners and things started happening.  Project 1 was underway.

Our first project - CORE Crowd Funded Solar


South Geelong Primary School - 9.25kW CORE Crowdfunded Solar System

In April 2015 Geelong Sustainability in partnership with The People’s Solar launched the first ever community renewables crowd funding campaign in Geelong - to put solar panels on the roof of South Geelong Primary School.


And Bendigo Bank contributed to the effort with a donation of $5,000 from the Geelong Connected Communities grant program.  Well done Chris Barker from Bendigo Bank - thanks for your support.

In total, $12,000 was successfully raised and a 9.25KW solar PV system was installed in May 2016. Needless to say, the school is delighted!

And Project 2 of the CORE Geelong story is on its way.  Stay tuned!