We are a dynamic and passionate community group focused on sharing information, building community resilience, advocating for the environment and supporting effective action.

Our mission is to inform, inspire and connect communities to create a sustainable future and to protect our natural environment. Our preferred simple definition of sustainability is enough for all, forever.

Like many socially progressive community groups, we are convinced of the truth in Margaret Mead’s famous quote. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

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‘Shoots, Stems & Seeds’ – Growing Plants for Free

26 October 2017$16.00 There are no ticket available at this time.
What’s it all about? You will learn how to start...

Zentangles Drawing Class

9 November 2017$15.00 18 Qty Available
What’s it all about? Explore your creativity with Zentangle®.  A...

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Sustainable House Day

Sustainable House Day gives people the opportunity to see inside houses that have been designed, built, renovated or retro-fitted with sustainability in mind. The 2017 program is looking like our best ever!

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Life Learning

Life Learning is affordable, community-driven, fun education in Geelong. We host informal classes for curious people looking to try something new without a hefty price tag!

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Community Renewables

Geelong Sustainability is working to create an iconic community owned renewable energy project right here in Geelong. To make this happen our Community Owned Renewable Energy (CORE) Geelong Task Group has met regularly since early 2015.

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  • Geelong Council Election Candidate Survey

    Geelong Sustainability is an apolitical community association and we regularly prepare candidate scorecards for local, state and federal elections. Given the importance of the upcoming Geelong Council elections, Geelong Sustainability decided to survey candidates to ascertain their views, priorities and …Read More »
  • Community solar powering aged care in Geelong

    Today our Community Owned Renewable Energy (CORE) project hit new heights with the announcement the Victorian Government is providing $140,000 towards our community solar investment model! The funding will establish the first replicable community solar investment model in Victoria and …Read More »
  • CORE Geelong September Update

    It’s been a busy month for the Geelong Sustainability’s CORE Geelong task group with a number of community owned renewable energy initiatives underway. Here’s a brief update about what’s been going on. We’re changing the way we communicate the activities …Read More »

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